Stills and Jefferson arrested on DUI suspicion

Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson were two true freshman who assumed starting positions this past year, and made huge impacts for the Oklahoma team.  You know what I was doing at 2:10 AM last Saturday?  Sleeping and trying to get rid of a nasty flu.  These two knuckleheads were out getting arrested.

Stills was arrested on DUI suspicion, Jefferson was only charged with interference.  Typically, this kind of thing would only call for a one game suspension.  If that is the case, we should be fine.

Oklahoma shouldn’t have any big troubles with the absence of Stills considering the depth at receiver, but Tulsa’s offense may be able to do some damage without Jefferson on the field.

For right now, I’m not that upset with the fact that they did this.  Shit like this happens at Oklahoma, and I’m not going to act like I’m not surprised that something like this occurred.  However, I’m probably gonna have an issue if a suspension is dealt longer than a game.

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